++ Mobile Assassins ++
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Mobile assassins is both a game and a valuable tool for icebreaking and team building/bonding. We envision the game being used in the following scenarios:

1) Big game tournaments.
2) College orientation.
3) Corporate and group bonding exercises.
4) Conferences.

User Scenario

1) Join a mobile assassins game by logging into mobileassassins.com.
2) Complete your profile by entering your name, phone number and mobile carrier.
2) You will receive a confirmation text message asking you to take a camera photo of yourself and send it to hit[at]mobileassassins[dot]com
3) The game will begin
4) You will receive an MMS message containing a photo of your target
5) You will be sent an SMS game stat messages listing how many gamers have been assassinated every 30 mins.
6) Locate your target by any means possible.
7) Stealthily take a photo of his/her face front-wise. Send it to hit[at]mobileassassins[dot]com
8) Your target will receive a message that they must confirm that they were hit. The game will be user/community monitored for now.
9) You will receive an MMS with the photo of your most recent hit's target, who will be your new target
10) If someone tries to assassinate you, you may counter hit them first. Once he/she is eliminated, you will continue with your current target
11) The game is over when only one assassin is left or if game end-time has been reached